Pet Of The Month


February 2020 

Pet of the Month

Tarjyn Sutherland


Tarjyn (pronounced Tar-jin)  is a very handsome 4 year-old Labrador Retriever, who we had the pleasure to first meet in 2018. Two months ago, Tarjyn suddenly started furiously sneezing, which was coupled with some blood coming out from his left nose after a play day on the farm. 

His lovely owner brought him into our clinic straight way. Dr. Bec saw him, and upon examination, a very tolerant Tarjyn sat still for Dr. Bec, so tha she could investigate the cause of his furious sneezing. The patient boy let her peer into his nostril to confirm that there was a grass seed lodged inside Tariyn’s left nostril. Grass seeds are a common problem, particulary in the summer months. Already this summer we have seen at least a dozen dogs who have had the unfortunate luck of having seeds lodged in very inconvenient places! Usually the grass seed pierces the skin and can travel under the skin to appear as abnormal lumps in nearby parts of the body. The most common location would be entering via the paws. We recommend checking your dogs for grass seeds after being walked in grassy areas, particularly in the summer months. 

The plan was for Tarjyn to come in the next morning to have the grass seed removed under sedation by Dr. Donna. Again with Tariyn being so co-operative, Dr.Donna was able to retrieve the grass seed with just local anaesthetic instead of a sedation. Tarjyn has now fully recovered with no more sneezing!


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