Pet Of The Month


March 2020 

Pet of the Month

Liselotte Weng


Liselotte (Lotte for short) is a 4 year old gorgeous long hair standard Dacshund, and has been a patient of ours since she was a puppy. Lotte came back to us after spending a couple of nights at the emergency centre for constipation and a possible obstruction, in January. Our lovely Dr. Bec quickly picked up that Lotte was dehydrated, and admitted her in hospital for Intravenous fluids and X-rays to further investigate the cause of her dehydration and discomfort.

During her stay in hospital, Lotte’s blood results revealed that she had a bad infection somewhere, and on X-ray, it showed that she had some bladder stones. After two days of fluid therapy and medications, she finally passed two lots of abnormal faeces which explained the bad infection was probably from her tummy. 

Once diagnosis was made and treatment started, Lotte picked up very quickly and Dr. Donna operated on her to remove the large bladder stones as well as some smaller stones that had travelled into her urethra and were at risk of blocking her urinary tract. Dr Donna flushed and flushed the urethra to make sure this wouldn't be a problem.

Lotte who is such a little fighter, has made a full recovery from this stressful episode, and now is a happy sausage again! Well done to Lotte & her diligent owners!


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