Pet Of The Month


November 2018 Pet of the Month

Gracie Kingshot

For our November Pet of the month, we are excited to Introduce you to Gracie! This gorgeous ginger kitty got herself into trouble one evening in July when her tail accidentally got slammed in a window. Ouch! Gracie’s owner rushed her into the clinic where Dr Rebecca found an open wound on the end of her tail which understandably was very sore. Pain relief and antibiotics were given, a light bandage was applied, and an appointment was scheduled for the following morning to assess the injury further.

Fortunately, an x-ray was able to rule out any fracture or dislocation of the tail, however given the lack of ‘spare’ skin on a cat’s tail, the skin wound was unable to be simply stitched up. Instead, a small section of Gracie’s tail needed to be amputated to a level where there was enough available healthy tissue.

Dr Rebecca performed the surgery on sweet Gracie, who didn’t seem to notice her tail was a little shorter than before - until about 2 weeks later when the bandage was removed and she decided she would chew her stitches out! Luckily the wound did not completely open up and with some additional protection over the wound plus a lot of patience and diligent care from her wonderful, dedicated owner, her tail has finally healed. Now all that is left is for the hair to grow back!


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