Pet Of The Month


May 2019 Pet of the Month

Charlie Magee

For our May pet of the month, we have the privilege of introducing the very handsome Charlie Mageee! Charlie is an 11 year old Miniature Schnauzer who has been coming to our clinic since 2011.  

In late March Charlie’s owner brought him in to see Dr Tina with a sore paw. Upon investigation, Tina was able to identify a very sore, swollen  third  toe on his front right paw. To investigate what was going on X-rays were taken and an abnormality in the bone was identified. Unfortunately x-rays alone cannot always differentiate between infection, chronic inflammation or a tumour. In the hope to avoid surgery, conservative management of rest and medication was trialed; however despite our efforts poor Charlie hadn't improved as much as we would have liked and his toe was still sore. This unfortunately meant surgery was needed. 

Charlie was then booked in for a toe amputation with Tina. Once removed, the toe was sent to the pathologist for a final diagnosis. After additional testing & analysis the pathologist came back with the diagnosis of a nail bed tumour, more specifically a squamous cell carcinoma. The pathologist could also confirm that thankfully the entire tumour was successfully removed meaning the surgery was curative. Within a week of the toe amputation, Charlie was starting to put weight on his foot and became much brighter and happier! He has been such a trooper for his bandage changes and we are loving being able to see him strut into the clinic pain-free. Well done Charlie!





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