Pet Of The Month


February 2019 Pet of the Month

Minx Moran

Minx is a gorgeous young black cat who was suddenly found to be limping on her back left leg  in November, but as is usually the case, it was a mystery how this happened!

Her owners brought her in to see Dr Fiona, who identified that she had a very swollen leg and that the leg felt unstable. An xray confirmed that there was a fracture of a small bone called the metatarsal. Luckily it was a relatively simple fracture and Dr Fiona determined that the injury could be managed with supportive bandages, so that surgery could be avoided!

Over the course of a month, Minx bravely allowed the vets to change her bandage 8 times, until a follow up xray confirmed that the fracture was healed and the bandage could finally come off.

Thanks to her dedicated owners, Minx is now back to walking the catwalk like she knows best!



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