Pet Of The Month

October 2018 Pet of the Month

Lamby Pettit

After a baaaaad start to life our unique October Pet of the Month, Lamby Petit seems to have firmly landed on her feet. Lamby was orphaned at several weeks of age, after her mother was taken by a fox. She was weak, but very lucky to have been found and cared for by her amazingly, dedicated owner who brought her back to her home in Camberwell to give her the best chance of a full recovery. She was given a bottle every 2 hours and gained some strength back.

Four days after being found, Lamby was brought in to Burke Road Vet Clinic with sore, red eyes. After close examination it was confirmed that Lamby was blind and Dr. Melania was worried that the eyes were so damaged that Lamby may be blind for the rest of her life. The primary issue was that due to mal-nutrition from being orphaned, Lamby hadn’t grown into her eyelids so they were rolling in and rubbing the eye, causing damage and a nasty ulcer. Microscopic exam also showed an infection in both eyes. To prevent further damage Dr. Tina placed a stitch on both lower eyelids to keep them from rolling in while Lamby grew. We had the pleasure of seeing Lamby regularly over several weeks. Every time Lamby came in she was the life of the clinic trotting around and bleeting happily with the BRVC team! 

With regular hand feeding, a diligent, dedicated owner administering eye ointment three times a day and daily pain relief, Lamby started to grow beautifully and her eyes slowly began to heal! Thankfully the eyes have recovered and Lamby is stitch free and can now see! We are excited to say that Lamby is going to be integrated back into the flock at the country farm, and we wish her all the best with her new start to life! 


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