Pet Of The Month


November 2019 

Pet of the Month

Couscous Maxwell

Couscous is a very handsome Burmese cat who had an abscess appear on his lower jaw near the chin last month. Couscous has been known to go outside and get into scuffles with other cats in the past, which is the most common cause of abscesses in cats. This time however was different; when treatment with antibiotics and cleaning did not resolve the abscess, Dr Melania knew further investigation was needed.

Couscous was booked in for a general anaesthetic to surgically explore the abscess and to xray the jaw. At Burke Rd Vet, we have a special dental xray machine which allows us to take very detailed images of smaller structures such as a cat’s jaw and teeth. This proved to be very useful, as although Coucous’ teeth looked normal on the outside, xrays showed there was an infection present underneath the gumline around the root of the tooth which was likely the cause of the abscess all along. Dr Melania carefully removed the rotten tooth, and with a little longer on antibiotics, Couscous has made a full recovery with plenty of teeth left to spare!



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