Eye (ophthamology) Problems

At some point in your dog or cats life, you may notice that his or her eye does not look right. Signs to look for include discharge, cloudiness, redness, excess tears, or constant rubbing. 

As you know with your eyes, they are incredibly sensitive structures, and are incredibly painful when things are not as they should be. Any eye problem need to be treated as soon as the symptoms are noticed. A veterinary exam allows us to measure pressure, tear production, check for corneal ulcers to investigate and treat the cause of the problem, while allowing us to dispense pain medications. 

For some eye problems, eye drops are needed. While this can seem like an overwhelming task, we will show you how to put eye drops in your pets eyes. 

Please click on the video for a demonstration on how to administer eye medications. 


If you suspect that your pet has any eye problems, plese contact Burke Road Vet Clinic today on 9822 3268. 

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