What's In Your Pet's Food Bowl?


We get it. Grabbing a cheap supermarket bag of pet food is convenient. However have you ever wondered why there is a price difference in the supermarket brands compared with the premium pet foods? Well, the nutritional profiles are worlds apart. The supermarket brands contain cheaper, lower quality ingredients and often are high in salt content to enhance flavor. The premium pet food companies skip the preservatives, colours & additives, and focus on ensuring every bag lives up to their high standards. Companies like Hills & Royal Canin conduct clinical trials on their range, and guarantee that quality is not compromised to save a few bucks on each and every bag.

To give your pet the best chance at a long, healthy life, stick with the premium pet foods. Brands such as Hills, Royal Canin, Eukanuba are all great quality, and cater for every life stage.

A relatively new contender on the market is Hills Science Vet Essentials which has quickly become one of our most popular pet foods, and is LOVED by most dogs and cats. 
In addition to being one of the most palatable foods, Vet Essentials has 5 primary benefits for your pet: 
Immunity Antioxidants (Vitamin C + E) to support the immune system 
Weight Management Maintains lean muscle and helps avoid excess body fat 
Digestion Brown rice, oats and barley are natural sources of fibre which help maintain a healthy digestive tract and firm stools 
Skin & Coat Flaxseed and vegetable oil contain omega fatty acids to promote healthy skin and a luxurious coat 
Mobility For healthy joints, glucosamine and chondroitin promotes enhanced mobility



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