Pancreatitis on Australia Day

Happy Australia day!

Enjoy your family, friends and barbecues this weekend.

This year, please resist those beseeching eyes begging you for a portion of your lunch. Every year we see a surge in pancreatitis when our pets start scoffing sausages and steaks.

The high fat content of these foods irritate the pancreas causing digestive enzymes to be released in excessive quantities. These enzymes break down the food and then go on to begin digesting the internal body organs (pancreas and small intestine) causing pancreatitits.

The condition causes vomiting, diarrhoea and severe pain. It is impossible to predict which animals will succumb, or how much food will set them off.

Even pets who have tolerated fatty foods in the past can one day just have had enough.

So this Australia day lets keep our pets safe.

Enjoy your snags and toss your furry friends a carrot!

PS if any of your pets experience nausea, listlessness or gastrointestinal signs don't hesitate to call us.



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