Expanding your family with a 4-legged member? Start out on the right foot!

Making the big decision to expand your family with a furry friend is very exciting! Adopting an animal from a rescue organisation is a great idea, as there are so many wonderful animals out there looking for a home. Even older animals still have a lot of love to give, but there are also plenty of puppies and kittens at shelters too!

If you have your heart set on a particular breed that you cannot find at a shelter, it is very important to visit the location where the animal is bred and to meet the parents – this way you can be sure the conditions the animal is born in are of good standard and that the parents are looked after well too. Don’t be tempted by people offering ‘free shipping’ or to ‘meet you halfway’ if they are outside of the city as they may be trying to conceal poor breeding conditions.

Also remember to be aware of certain health conditions that can be associated with certain breeds. For example, brachycephalic (‘flat faced’) dogs and cats often have breathing and eye problems and can even need surgery early in life to correct these issues they were born with – all because humans thought they looked ‘cute’ with a squishy face and bulgy eyes!

Pets really become part of the family, and they rely on us to look after them and do the best we can for them. If you have a new family member, we would love to meet them here at Burke Road Vet Clinic!



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