Cool cats part two

Cats love to be in control. Today we’ve got four medical ideas to help your cat keep their cool when visiting the veterinary clinic.

1/ Feliway spray: This pheromone spray lasts about two hours once applied to a fabric. Towels covering a carrier help create a safe feeling environment. The spray makes our cats feel as though their snuggled into their favourite place the whole trip in, and home again.

2/ Medication. There is a new medication that can be dissolved into wet food. This mild anti-anxiety medication helps cats relax for a short while. It switches their brains from ‘oh no whats going to happen next’ to a ‘yeah cool no problems’ kind of attitude.

3/ We now have regular time slots that are cat only. Yup, no big dogs sniffing at your cats cage or yapping in the corner. Just cool, calm cats.

4/ If stressful procedures are necessary we can now give your furry friend an injection that causes relaxation and retrograde amnesia. Say what? Well it deletes the memory of what just happened! So once your relaxed, happy pet gets home they may recall they went to the vet but they can’t remember it as being scary.

Here’s to promoting positive mental health in our pets.



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