Cool cats part one

This week we're talking about how to teach your cat that coming to the vets is okay, normal and not scary at all.

Every time we have a negative experience our anxiety about reexposing ourselves to this threat increases. If your cat pees in the cage on the way to the vet, next time they see the cage they will be more frightened – of what they’re not sure exactly.

We want to turn this presumption everything is about to become horribly wrong to one of tolerance and ultimately enjoyment.

Some basic strategies to help at home are:

1/ Familiarise your cat with their cat carrier. Keep it in sight, maybe on a shelf so they can hide in it. Keep it warm and cosy and clean. Give them treats in it. Line it with catnip. 

2/ Keep your furry friend confined before the visit so they are easier to catch and that process is less stressful

3/ Place cats into a carrier bum first.  Even stand the carrier on its end so that your feline friend falls down into it bum first while you comfort them face to face. Forcing them in head first can cause panic.

4/ Cover their carrier with a towel (preferably sprayed with Feliway, see part 2)

5/ Book a consultation during 'Cats Only' hours

These tactics will help keep excitement and stress to a minimum before arriving at the clinic.

Next we will discuss medical and clinical ways to help our cats



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