Pet Of The Month


August 2018 Pet of the Month

Kip McIlraith


For the August pet of the month, we have the privlege of introducing Kip! Kip is the brave little Jack Russell Terrier who has been recovering from a major surgery this month. We love seeing him trot in, tail wagging and big smile on his face.

Kip first came in to see Dr. Melania for a lump check on his thigh. After assessing a sample under the microscope, Dr. Melania was suspicious of some abnormal, possibly nasty looking cells, so Kip was quickly booked in for a biopsy with Dr. Tina. The biopsy went well, however unfortunately the histopathology came back to be a cancerous lump, known as a Mast Cell Tumour.

Thanks to the biopsy, the pathologist was able to grade the tumour, and luckily it was low grade, meaning that because we had caught it early, surgical removal had a high chance of being curable. The next day Kip was booked in for surgery with Dr. Melania to have the entire lump removed. To ensure all the natsy cells were removed, Kip needed a lot of skin removed resulting in quite a large wound. In fact he needed 15 stitches which went all the way down his thigh! We are happy to report that surgery was successful and we got the entire tumour out. After strict rest and many revisits Kip has recovered beautifully. He has melted all our hearts from the get go and we feel so lucky to have such lovely little patients!


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