Pet Of The Month


November 2017 Pet of the Month

Sabi Thurairatnam 

For November pet of the month, we are honoured to introduce the adventurous Sabi!

Sabi is a gorgeous 12 year old Domestic Short Hair who mysteriously sustained some severe injuries one night in August - her owners found her outside having trouble walking and with a large wound on her left front leg. 

Due to the time of night, she was rushed to an emergency clinic where she had surgery to repair the wound. Vet Rebecca saw her a few days later and detected another injury - ligament damage to her back left leg! Multiple injuries are common in cases of trauma, and sometimes not all are immediately apparent. 

Surgery was discussed as an option, but it was also hoped that with diligent care from her owner, accompanied with keeping her quiet, that this injury wound resolve.  Unfortunately, while the newly found injuries were healing, the wound on the left front leg opened up and became very infected! Luckily with some strong antibiotics, strict rest and lots of love and diligent care from her family, Sabi is on the road to recovery, albeit with a few scars to show as evidence!


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