Pet Of The Month


March 2018 Pet of the Month

Zac Crewes!

For March 2018, we would like to introduce Zac Crewes! We always love seeing Zac and his sister Zoe, who are frequent visitors of our cattery. He is a gorgeous Persian who has had some life-threatening drama earlier this year! 

Dr Jana first saw an unhappy Zac, after vomiting through the night, some of which had streaks of blood. Often, when animals start vomiting, they can become dehydrated in a short period of time, and Zac was no exception. He was admitted into hospital for intravenous fluid therapy, pain management, anti-nausea medications, and for us to closely monitor his vital signs. Poor Zac continued to vomit through the day, and later that day, an x-ray showed a suspicious looking bowel loop, for which an obstruction (or blockage) was short-listed as a potential cause of the vomiting. 

With little improvement the next day, and another concerning x-ray, the bowel loop showed no improvement. Poor Zac needed surgery to further investigate what was going on in his intestines. Dr Rebecca led an exploratory abdominal surgery, where she found an obstruction that was causing all the problems. A hair ball was lodged in the intestines and once removed left Zac feeling a whole lot better!

Zac is lucky to have such diligent owners who were quick to act, and have him examined as soon as they realised there was a problem. The outcome may not have been quite so positive if they had  waited another day or 2 to see if his problems resolved on their own. Well done Zac & well done to the Crewes family!


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