Pet Of The Month


June 2018 Pet of the Month

Neville Fleming!

This is Neville! He is a smoochy 14-week old Border Collie puppy who came in to see us for his puppy vaccine. During the physical exam Dr Jana found that his lower baby canines were growing into his upper hard palate (roof of the mouth). 

This is a common condition found in young puppies that are born with a mallocclusion(upper and lower teeth are misaligned) called narrow base mandibular canines. If left untreated the adult teeth which are taller and larger will grow in the same direction as the baby teeth and can leave large painful ulcers in the hard palate.

The adult canines are much harder to remove, so if left too late the patient would need to go to a specialist veterinary dentist to conduct what is called a partial crown amputation (removal of half of the canines) so that the tips of the two teeth are not ulcerating the hard palate.

Treatment for this type of condition is early intervention, so surgery is best done as a young puppy to remove the baby teeth which are smaller and give the adult teeth a chance to grow in a normal direction.

Dr Tina conducted the dental (exodontic) surgery which involved careful removal of the baby teeth so as not to disrupt the permanent adult tooth growing beneath the baby tooth.

Neville was such a brave boy for his surgery and recovered really well! He was quite popular with the staff, giving all of the nurses plenty of cuddles.


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