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Pet Of The Month


September 2017 Pet of the Month

Rose Gray 

This month we have the privilege of introducing Nurse Emma’s cat, Rose!  Rose was originally a barn cat that Dr Donna inherited with the property, however after events from earlier this year, Donna decided that the best thing for Rose was to cease as a farm cat, and live the pampered life with Nurse Emma. There is an old wives tale that pets of people who work at vet clinics have the highest maintenance (medically speaking), and poor Rose has taken the gold medal this year with all of her veterinary care!

In January, Dr Donna rushed Rose the barn cat, in to the clinic after she was attacked by two dogs! Brave Donna managed to grab Rose from one of the dogs’ mouth! Poor Rose had sustained trauma injuries to her abdomen causing a hernia & had a punctured lung. She stayed under the care of BRVC for 10 days where she had 3 surgeries and draining of the chest cavity to repair her abdominal hernia and attend to air and fluid building up in her chest cavity. After days of care, she made a full recovery and was down to 8 lives!

Then, one morning in early May, Rose came down from the hay stack with a  limp and walked toward Donna for aid to let her know she wasn’t able to use her back leg. Donna rushed her into the clinic for a second time, and an X-ray quickly confirmed a full fracture of her ankle involving all of her foot bones. Donna attempted all that she could to save her leg and not have to resort to amputation. Donna conducted a novel surgery on the leg and after 18 days of hospitalisation and care, eventually she started to toe touch, then step on the leg completely and now dear Rose has almost full function of her hind limb!

We are now thrilled to announce that Rose is now enjoying the life of luxury with Nurse Emma as a mainly indoor, suburban cat!